Getting #Sheetfaced with MOND’SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask

‘The pearl is the Queen of gems,

         and the gem of Queens.’

Did you ever think jewels could be used as skin care?!

I never did….so when I came across the MOND’SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask I was really interested to experiment and see how it would benefit the skin.

On reading a bit more, I learned that pearls are rich in minerals, collagen and amino acids, hydrating and enriching your skin. So let’s see how this 3-in-1 3D Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening Mask by MOND’SUB fared!

This 3-in-1 mask is a 2 step process – The first step is to apply the 3D Hanging Ears,Face and Neck Mask for 15-20 minutes, followed by the second step, which is to apply the Vitamin C Essence on the skin.

MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

Step 1
3D Hanging Ears,Face and Neck Mask (for Lightening, Brightening, Revitalizing, Lifting and Firming)

What it promises:

Combining the pearl extract from the deep sea, which contains rich minerals, vitamins & amino acid added with hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract, this mask can efficiently hydrate and moisturize the skin. With other active ingredients, the mixed essence in the neck and face mask brings you an significant skincare effect, brightening and lightening your skin.


MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

Apply the mask on a cleansed face, hanging the mask onto the ears. Keep it for 15-20 minutes, and then remove the mask.

Massage the excess essence with fingertips before rinsing with warm water.

For best results, use 2-3 times a week.

Step 2
Vitamin C Essence (for Lightening the spots)

What it promises:

It is an effectively anti-aging, bleaching, anti-wrinkle and brightening essence that has an excellent effect.


MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

After using the mask, apply the essence onto the face. Massage gently with fingertips until completely absorbed.

MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

Does it deliver? My thoughts?

This time it was not me, but my sister who tried the mask on and it was not only easy to use, but so much fun for my her! Not to forget, she did see immediate results in her skin. This highly effective anti-ageing facial mask is an intensive treatment which helps by lifting and nourishing the skin. It can promote the natural collagen production, give you skin a glowing look. This product can gradually release the nutrients under the body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing skin with the nutrients and moisture needed.

MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

For those who try the MOND’SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask for the first time, don’t be surprised with the shape of the mask. As you can see in the image above, it’s larger than a regular sheet mask, because it is a 3D Hanging Ears,Face and Neck Mask, which means that the mask will cover your entire face, ears as well as your neck.

The slits/holes on the sides that you see on the sheet mask is where you tuck the mask behind your ears so that the sheet masks can adhere to your skin and stay put on your face while you move around.

The texture and feel of the mask was very soft, like all Mond’sub masks…. it had no fragrance (I always say thats a huge plus) and the sheet itself was thick and soaked in essence…so much essence that my sister almost bathed in it and still had some left in the packaging! 

MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review

As for the feel of the essence, this one is quite sticky, which again is perfect for those who have dry, dehydrated skin (much like my sister’s).

Results, as I mentioned before, were immediate. She could feel that her skin was hydrated and plump, felt soft and supple and there were no signs of dry patches on her skin anymore. She said the essence was so effective that she went without using a moisturiser all day!!! Now THAT’S what I call a mask your money’s worth!

Rating– 5/5

Would I recommend/repurchase this product?

Yes 🙂

Before I sign off, here’s the mandatory picture wearing the sheet mask…. how cute is she?!

MOND'SUB Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3-in-1 Mask Review
My Cuteness overload posing with the mask! ❤

See you guys soon with another sheet mask review and recommendation.

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear all about your favorite sheet masks and the ones you think I should try…so leave me comments down below 🙂


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How to fight asthma without medications

Asthma is a condition which makes it very difficult for a person to breathe because the Imageairways feel restricted. Allergies, exercise, stress and anxiety contribute towards asthma attacks. The medication as well as treatment for asthma can be very expensive…not just that, there are a lot of side effects that are unwanted. In reality, battling asthma in a natural way is slightly complicated; however the benefits that one receives by going the natural way are worth your efforts and time.

If you wish to fight asthma without medications, here are a few tips that would help you keep asthma attacks at bay:

Find out what are the allergies that you have when you are asthmatic. Figure out what are the substances that trigger asthma attacks in you and then carefully avoid those allergens so that you can prevent further attacks.



You should eat foods which help relieve the symptoms of asthma. Some of the relieving foods are tuna, mackerel and salmon- all of which are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The foods reduce fabrication of compounds that are inflammatory, improve the pulmonary Imagefunctions, as well as prevent any constriction that could be caused because of exercise. Other products that help to reduce recurrence of asthmatic attacks are spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, tofu and beans (all of which are rich in magnesium). Veggies and fruits that are Vitamin B and Vitamin C rich help reduce inflammation and stress. Prostaglandins that are present in onions help relax the bronchial muscles as well as open airways. A very good source of Vitamin B6 is chick peas and they reduce wheezing.


To prevent asthma attacks, one should drink water that is purified, distilled or chlorine-free. There have been studies that prove chlorine leads to irritation in the receptors within the lungs and throat.

 Practicing breathing exercises on an everyday basis woks wonders for people who suffer Imagefrom asthma. Slowing breath and inhale through your nose…Practicing this will slow and  sometimes even stop asthma attacks. You must relax as you take deep breaths through your nose….exhale through your mouth as this will help strengthen your respiratory muscles.


Majority people have reported that essential oil therapy works very well to get rid of asthma attacks. Rose, frankincense and marjoram help the lungs to expand, thereby encouraging Imageyou to breathe deeply. Germium, lavender, chamomile, marjoram and rose reduce any kind of respiratory spasm and  also help as they relax the bronchial muscles. However, remember to test any such oil for allergens before you use them. You can use these oils by dropping a few drops in warm water (maybe in your bath), use on the sole of your feet or put in a humidifier. Eucalyptus and lavender are the best to use when you are suffering from an attack as they immediately relax and  open up the airways.


Increasing the intake of magnesium helps a lot with asthma patients. Magnesium holds properties to dilate the bronchial passages, thereby preventing spasms that occur in these passages. Foods that are rich in magnesium are beets, bean sprouts, spinach and okra. In case you are not comfortable taking pills, you could easily get the benefits by taking magnesium supplements.


Drinking green tea is considered healthy and what’s great is that green tea is more than Imagesimply a so called ‘morning drink’ as it serves as an asthma treatment. Green tea holds a compound named theophylline that helps to relax as well as support your bronchial tubes. Regularly drinking green tea will result in fewer and less severe attacks.


Asthma patients are generally allergic to pollen, dust, etc. Therefore, make sure you keep the house dust free and clean.  Stay away from fire places, burning wood affects the lungs and causes numerous breathing problems.


In case you are a smoker, it’s time you quit smoking! When you have asthma, you need toImage understand that the tiniest ash particle will worsen this problem for you. Stay away from smoking areas as the smoke can trigger an attack. Not just smoke, even alcohol is harmful for an asthma patient. Avoid consuming alcohol.


Avoid substances that worsen asthma such as air pollution, strenuous or excessive exercise and work outs. Whenever you feel that you are about to get an attack, immediately take cold-water baths. It will help you with the wheezing and breathing. Also, practice daily breathing exercises. Consult with an expert so that you know which breathing exercises will help you strengthen the respiratory muscles.

Foods that help keep asthma attacks at bay:

  • Cereals
  • Nuts
  • Dairy products
  • Green vegetablesImage
  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Cashews
  • Beans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Tofu
  • Fruits
  • Fruit juice (apple, banana- helps children with asthma)
  • Coffee
  • Cola drinks

Warnings and Tips:

  •  Remain calm when you are going through an attack. Anxiety and stress increases the intensity of asthma attacks.
  • Vitamins and natural herbs help asthma patients. Go to a vitamin store to buy them or check online.
  • Study shows that people who take at least 400 mg magnesium every day have lesser chances of getting an asthma attack and it also reduces the symptoms as well as soothes the respiratory muscles. Keep away from high amount of salt or sodium as that diminishes the level of magnesium in one’s body.
  • In case you feel that a certain food, nut, essential oil triggers an asthma attack, immediately stop the usage and  contact the physician.

Asthma’s a persistent lung disease which causes a person’s airways (that lead to a person’s lungs) to turn narrow due to inflammation. Studies have shown that nearly twenty-two million people in America are affected by this disease, out of which 6 million happen to be children. Even though today, with medical advancements, there is multitude of treatments and medications that are available and can effectively treat as well as manage the problematic condition, majority people choose to naturally treat their asthma attacks. We would like to recommend that even if you choose to treat this condition naturally, kindly understand that you cannot completely replace the recommendations given to you by your doctor.

Anti-aging tricks that actually work

As you age, this thought would have often crossed your mind- what if I could stop the aging process? If it has, this article is for you! As and when we grow older, we start to worry about the fine lines and wrinkles; gray hair start to tease us and we then contemplate if getting a plastic surgery would be a good idea. Sadly, no matter how much we wish and  hope and  pray for such a miracle, it isn’t going to work; so the only alternative is to fight aging in the old-fashion way.  Here’s how you can fight the aging process, just read the ten most effective ways to stay younger for longer.

Exercise and keep moving 

Being physically fit will help you not only look younger, but feel younger as well. It isn’t necessary for you to hit the gym 5 times a week; you can do simple things like taking a Imagewalk, joining a dance class or walking your dog to keep fit. In fact, there have been studies that have shown that if a person goes for regular walks, he/she can fend off cognitive impairments later on in their life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body weight will go a long way. Obesity not only causes one to age early, it can also result in numerous health issues which will then, in the long run, reduce the quality of life.


SPF- Protect your skin

Mottled skin is a sign of aging. Older people tend to get brown patches and freckles on Imagetheir skin as they grow older and these come from spending hours in the sun (especially when you are not wearing a good sunscreen). To avoid getting brown marks and  freckles, you must avoid going out in the sun without protecting your skin- be that by applying sunscreen or by wearing protective clothing.  Go ahead and wear stylish wide-brimmed hats, put on your favorite long-sleeved shirt and if you must show some skin, generously use a sunscreen or a sun block. Also, remember it works wonders to exfoliate skin often and moisturizing your skin twice daily will keep it feeling soft and supple.

 Eat fish

Fish is the healthiest food to eat as it has more than one benefit. Talking of benefits for Imageyour health, omega-3 fatty acid happens to be the best benefit and this comes from eating cold-water fish. The Omega-3 is very good for the heart and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Not just that, it’s great for the skin, your hair, nails, etc. We recommend that the next time you are out for grocery shopping, buy salmon, sardines, mackerel or trout. For all those who are allergic to fish or don’t like it, opt for a supplement.

Tea bag therapyImage

Sounds old-fashioned right? I agree it does, but trust me, it works like magic! Putting damp, warm teabags on the eyes for fifteen minutes can do wonders as the antioxidants reduce puffiness and  lighten dark circles that form around the eyes.

Troubled by Crow’s Feet? Shoo them away.

Like I said, moisturizing the skin is very important. It is actually the key to keeping wrinkles at bay. Skin around the eyes is very delicate and you must keep it hydrated. Whenever you wash your face, pat your face dry without rubbing the towel harshly on your skin. If you rub your skin too hard, you will stretch the skin and damage it. If you have trouble reading, please wear reading glasses because this helps you avoid getting the pesky squint lines around the eyes and on your forehead.


Say no to smoking

Cigarettes are not just injurious to your health, they also age you dramatically. In fact, smoking is undoubtedly amongst the worst enemies of your skin. Smoking will stain teeth, darken your lips and wreak havoc inside out on your body.


 Maintain muscle mass

As we age, our muscles degenerate, and so we must work towards maintaining them if we wish to look younger. For all those who wish to have firm, well toned upper arms, lift Imageweights. What will really help is strength training 3-4 times in a week. Other than that, eat food that is high in proteins, like meat, eggs, poultry, beans and rice.

Take your daily dose of vitamins

Not only are vitamins vital for health, they also are excellent when it comes to fighting the aging process. Vitamin E has amazing effects on skin; therefore you will notice that majority lotions, sunscreens and creams will have Vitamin E as an ingredient. You can either eat a capsule or if you are not ‘pill-friendly-, then you could simply snip open a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil out. Rub the sticky oil on the skin and see the results! Another Vitamin that is great for skin is Vitamin C and it does wonders for your immune system, as well as clears skin that has been damaged from pollution, radiation and cigarette smoking.

If you wish to get rid of the horrendous dark circles under your eyes, go for Vitamin K and buy Niacin as that will help your skin to retain moisture. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant, again very good for skin.


 Maintain a +ve Attitude

They say if you don’t feel old, you dot look old. Turning older does not mean that the world Imagewill come to an end! Every year that passes by should teach you that you have lessons that have been learned and there are new chapters in life that will unfold and be exciting. Treat your age as nothing more than a number….it isn’t about the number of years you live, but the moments you live in those years. So learn to enjoy!


Say no to alcohol

Too much alcohol causes serious problems in health, we all know that right? However, not Imagetoo many of us are aware that alcohol has negative effects on our skin and thereby make the aging process a lot faster. Alcohol has dehydrating and inflammatory action that is bad for skin as it accelerates process of aging. Excess of alcohol will block absorption of the key nutrients that the body needs for antioxidant protection. Drink in moderation and opt for wine.

Be wise today and choose a healthy life style by watching what you eat and drink and also making sure that you exercise every day. Always remember, the way you feel inside gets reflected in how you look on the outside. So feel younger to look younger!