Green T Cup | Best Find of 2016!

“At Christmas, tea is compulsory.

Relatives are optional.”
– Robert Godden


I can’t believe December is already here….this year just flew by! I hope you’re all doing very well & are in festive spirits ❤

Today I’m really excited to share with you my Best find for 2016… the Green T Cup!

Last week while Karan & I were visiting our parents, my mum introduced me to this amazing green tea.

Karan’s always loved green tea, but me on the other hand – I’ve never been a fan – simply because I think it’s boring and bitter….well, not anymore! Thanks to the Green T Cup I’m slowly developing a liking for this amazing tea for health.

Green T Cup

Let’s have a look at what the makers have to say:

‘Green T Cup is a patent pending, quality food product from Hale Beverages, a company with a vision to seek success through products that promote universal health and well-being.
Our manufacturing plant is based out of Chennai, South India while our base of organic farmers and suppliers are located around Coimbatore, and other places in the Southern peninsula.
Now you can enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sip of green tea, anytime and anywhere with Green-T-Cup! It comes with a special infusion layer all you have to do it pour hot water and wait a few minutes. Green Tea is rich in flavonoids, known for anti-oxidant action.’

Green T cup Ginger Singer

The flavor I tried was called Ginger-Tinger….isn’t that adorable?!

I love the packaging to begin with, it is absolute GENIUS! A cup with green tea at the bottom…. all you need to do is pour hot water and voila! your green tea is ready!

Green T cup packaging‘This flavor is one of the best combinations of Green T Cup. Ginger Tinger is best suited for people who have a tendency to suffer from nausea, dizziness or have hangovers. We are always advised to have ginger during a long travel to keep us away from motion sickness. So with this drink one can travel with taste and also avoid motion sickness.’

Green T cup

‘Discover the healing touch of Green T Cup with ginger. It helps relieve nausea, dizziness and motion sickness. It relieves hangovers and is great in treating cough and cold. A refreshing brew with many a boon.’

Green T cup

They have a variety of flavors to choose from, so there’s something for everyone here:

  1. Orange Bang
  2. Cardamom Touch
  3. Ginger Tinger
  4. Original Green
  5. Mint Magic
  6. Lemon Lift
  7. Jasmine Aroma

Not just that, you can also select the quantity of green tea cups in your order, ranging from 30/60/90/250 Cups.



In my opinion the Green T Cup is perfect for those who travel a lot, or for people who like to have tea at work. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, it’s good for the heart and overall wellbeing….so give one a try today…trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

I’d love to know whats your favorite green tea & how you like to have yours….so drop a comment down below and share the love!

Until we meet next


Best exercises to lose weight


A healthy lifestyle and a feeling of being fit begin with making certain changes in how we live our life, what we eat and how much we exercise. Majority of us who have hectic work schedules know that we ought to exercise a little more than we do. So what is our excuse? Are most of us too busy, or is it that we are too tired? Do we find exercising too boring and challenging or is it that we just hate to work out?

Whatever your excuse, here is a simple solution – why not make workouts a tad bit more fun. In fact, what we all need to do is not look at exercise as a way to sweat and get tired, we need to turn it into something we enjoy doing, like playing games or sports like basketball, soccer, football, etc.

The best exercise to lose weight is one that you enjoy doing. It is a vital part of any healthy program for weight loss. The best exercise to lose weight will surround a toning part and a cardio piece, as that will let you to see results quicker. Here are some exercises to shed weight along with the approximate calories that you will burn. It is up to you to decide which ones fascinate you more. The certain thing is that it doesn’t matter what exercises you pick to shed weight, you will definitely be heading down the right path for losing weight while toning your body side by side.


(The calories burnt are approx. 360 cal per hr)

Walking is the best exercise and an awesome cardio would be to brisk walk which will also assist in toning your hips, stomach and legs. Sprinting, taking a hike uphill or walking from corner to corner on a hill will feed the quantity of calories that you burn. A 45 minute walk is something that anyone at any age can fit into their daily routine.


(The calories burnt are approx. 550 cal per hr)

Running or jogging can do wonders for one’s body and muscles. Apart from the calories that a run or a jog will help you burn, you will also have a lot of personal time and space to engage in thinking, without any distractions that you usually tend to encounter in gyms or while watching an exercise DVD. Some people say that it is while running or jogging that they indulge in some of the finest decision-making as well as problem-solving that they are capable of.


Step Aerobics

(The calories burnt are approx. 800 cal per hr)

Aerobics essentially targets the buttocks, the hips, and legs, which often are the areas which women desire to tone the most. Doing one hour of aerobics every day, (you can divide it into two sessions of half an hour each), will guarantee results within just two weeks. Another incredibly similar work out are bench presses, that go extremely well when done in sets along with the step aerobics.


 (The calories burnt are approx. 600/800 cal per hr)

A fun training to lose excess weight, dancing targets the entire body and that is what makes dancing the ultimate work out. Besides being one of the top exercises to lose weight, dancing is also extremely entertaining and fun. You can simply put on any music channel and enjoy dancing around the house, you’ll be burning calories and it will also be an amazing stress reliever. Join a dancing class, meet new people and learn a few new sexy moves.


(The calories burnt are approx. 180 cal per hr)

Known to be the most soothing work out to lose weight, Yoga is good for both the soul and the body. You will observe greater flexibility in your body and toning, plus a cut in your back problems like a back pain, while you are burning around 180 calories per hour and maybe even more in case you have been practicing yoga for a while and are doing the more advanced poses and postures or maybe combining the difficult positions.


(The calories burnt are approx. 350 cal per hr)

Hiking will give you some fresh air and quality time out in the open, where you can see nature, spend some time with your loved one or special someone. Or maybe you could just take it as your time alone and simply take pleasure in the scenery.

The Light House Chore

(The calories burnt are approx. 200 cal per hr)

Women are known for their multi-tasking abilities, so get busy with tidying up your house and burn those calories at the same time. Go ahead and switch on the vacuum, dust with zest, and in case you’re feeling lethargic regarding sweeping, simply turn your choice of tunes on and add those sexy dance moves to cleaning!


(The calories burnt are approx. 800 cal per hr)

Swimming is definitely the top exercise when it comes to losing weight, particularly during the summer season. For one hour, going up and down the length of the pool will easily burn off about 800 calories, and furthermore tone almost every inch of the body.


(The calories burnt are 500 – 1000 cal per hr)

This is a true calorie burner depending upon how fast it is that you can go. Riding out doors is always pleasurable, but in case you’re slightly time restricted, devote in a high-quality work out bike.

The Elliptical Burner

(The calories burnt are approx. 600 cal per hr)

It makes for a brilliant cardio; helps build strong muscles, in addition to toning your stomach. Simply attach the machine to the TV or bring along an iPod or your iPhone, keep listening to some of the favorites in your playlist or catch up with the most recent TV episodes.

Trampoline Bouncing

(The calories burnt are approx. 400 cal per hr)

You will be amazed at how such a fun activity can be such a great work out. Bouncing away on a trampoline gets your heart pounding and what a thrill it is! Try the booty-bounce and some of your weird stunts. Be cautious though, you might fall and sprain or fracture a bone… Ouch!


(The calories burnt are approx. 800 cal per hr)

Running from one side to another of a court involves an awesome cardio workout; it also helps in toning your leg and thigh muscles. This exercise for losing weight is really more sociable, and that will keep one working out much longer, plus you won’t be interested in skipping a session with a buddy.


(The calories burnt are approx. 600 cal per hr)

Its fun, it’s got that element of ‘bad’ in it. An extremely intense yet efficient work out to shed weight, just bring a buddy along and test each others’ strength.