Dear Girls, Size Is Not A War… Every Calorie, Not A Battle… ‘Too Thin’ Or ‘Too Fat’ Is Nothing But A Media Spin… Every Body Is Beautiful When Comfortable In Its Own Skin… Curvy Is A Shape, Not A Size… So Embrace Your Curves And Be Beautiful…Because Beauty Doesn’t Have A Weight Limit…  ... Continue Reading →

Tips to prevent hair loss

Dreaded by one and all…the absolute nightmare- Hair loss is one the most horrible things that can happen to a person. In case you’re that someone, going through hair loss, this page is exactly where you should be because we’re talking about ways & tips to stop hair loss… that too naturally! Hair loss is... Continue Reading →

What you eat IN PRIVATE eventually is what you wear IN PUBLIC. So Eat Clean, Train Mean and Get Lean! Related articles Eat Clean!!! It's easy and it pays off!!! (

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