First Impression + Review | Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask


We’re a few days into the week & it’s time to put on a mask & spa on!

Today I tried a new brand of sheet masks from Korea called Dermal & so this post is going to be all about my First Impressions/Review of the Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask

Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask


About the Brand:

“DERMAL is a popular brand with young people, because of its fine quality and moderate prices, nowadays has become Korea’s top-selling skin-care product and manufacturer, its natural ingredients, rich in fruit and herbal extracts with different effective in improving skin quality. Last but not least, Dermal granted Quality Awards in Korea, it is no doubt about quality standard.”

Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask Review

First things first, I really liked the packaging of these masks… very simple yet colourful & bright.

As you can see in the image, the mask has three specific benefits mentioned on it –

Nutrition – Moisturizing – Refining



DERMAL ESSENCE MASK is a new essence mask which specially formulates cosmetics to penetrate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin while keeping air out of the skin completely thus, it makes your tired skin moistened, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress.



Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask Ingredients


What it promises:

  • Contains Royal Jelly extract which is a complex of various kinds of micro elements such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, water & etc, thus , it provides nutrition to tired and troubled skin and keeps the skin always healthy and soft.
  • Vitamin E and Collagen- provides skin nutrition & makes it appear healthy and elastic.
  • Acts as a Mini Cleanup


Does it deliver? My thoughts?

Totally! I fell in LOVE with this mask.

The sheet mask was drenched in essence, but not the kinds that starts to drip all over you & make a mess. The essence on this mask was clear & thick in consistency.

The quality & texture of the mask is good – it’s thick, but very soft at the same time.

Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

I think as for fit, this is probably the BEST fitting mask for me so far from the ones I’ve tried. As you can see in the pictures, the sheet has slits in various places for the mask to lay on your skin perfectly.

For once the eye & mouth holes on a mask were Perfect for my face! The corners of the eye holes lay just ‘right’ on my face so there was no discomfort or pokiness around the eyes.

The Dermal Royal Jelly Sheet Mask feels instantly cooling & soothing on the skin. I felt no irritation or itchiness the whole time I had this on.

Once my 25 minutes were up, I took the mask off and patted the excess essence on my skin….& my skin just drank it up!

I also love the fact that the essence is not sticky at all, so when you remove the sheet mask you won’t even feel any product sitting on your skin.

Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask Texture
Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask Texture


Now as for what I did NOT like about this sheet mask – the fragrance. Right when I opened the pack I could immediately smell the fragrance & to be honest not a natural, pleasant fragrance…this smelt quite like a nail polish.

It smells nothing like honey, so be prepared for that. The scent however goes away in 2 minutes or less, so it’s not a deal-breaker for me personally.

Rating– 4.5/5


Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely. I’m going to get my hands on plenty more of these Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Masks.

And last but not the least, here’s a totally embarrassing (read Scary!) picture of me with the mask on!

Dermal Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask Review


**Buy them HERE in India


*This was very kindly sent to me by  LeoMarshellImpex for reviewing, but my thoughts & opinions are honest as always. 


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Please leave me recommendations of sheet masks that you use & love, because I’m always on the hunt for something new!

And if you’ve tried DERMAL before or wish to….please leave me a comment down below telling me all about your thoughts on it.  ❤


MOND’SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask Review


“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.”
-Linden Tyler


…Shall we then?! 🙂

As you know I’m diving into the glory of facial sheet masks currently….loving them and trying tons of different ones to understand what suits my skin the best.

Korean sheet masks are all the craze right now, but sadly for someone like me who lives in India, they’re not accessible very easily. When I first started to read more about why this trend caught on fire so quick, all I wanted was to get my hands on a sheet mask to see what the hype was about.

Don’t get me wrong…sheet masks are available on Amazon & eBay, but they’re so expensive (read overpriced) that someone who is just getting into them will probably not want to invest so much money in them…specially when you don’t know if or not it will even suit your skin.

Well, I did not!

Hours after searching online, I came across MOND’SUB on Amazon & was really intrigued.  The packaging looked amazing….the ingredient list was interesting & the variety was awesome. Sadly, when I Googled for reviews, only 1 came up… wth!

…So needless to say, I ordered a couple of Mond’sub Facial Sheet Masks. (See my first impressions of them HERE)

The first couple of sheet masks I used from them, I LOVED and luckily today I’m getting a chance to collaborate with the brand! I’m going to be reviewing each of their different varieties of sheet masks & sharing with you guys my honest thoughts/opinions on them.

Also, I have a coupon code you can use for 20% off on any of their sheet masks, so read till the end!)

So here’s the third variety I’ve tried from MOND’SUBThe Collagen Silk Mask Series

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask

MOND’SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask

“Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin. The mask can promote skin’s metabolism, balance skin nutriments and water, replenish skin fully, nourish and hydrate skin, increase skin’s vigor, arouse loose and ageing skin, activate skin’s natural anti-ageing ability, keep skin smooth, elastic and moist, bring you a youthful and pleasant appearance.”

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Review


Ingredients & How to Use:

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Ingredients


What it promises:

  • Moisturizing , Rehydrating , Brightening & Smoothening
  • Accelerating Cell Renewal
  • Tightening, Lifting & Anti-Wrinkle


Does it deliver? My thoughts?

Yes, it does!

Let’s kick off with the good things about this mask:

The packaging is pretty & so girly!

When you open the pack, the sheet mask is folded neatly inside, drenched in essence.

There’s 3 layers in the packaging – so don’t be confused when you see it for the first time. The instructions on the back are all in English (*big thumbs up*) & it states clearly how to apply. (see the image above)

The mask is in-between a pearlised film & an outer blue fiber film, making sure that it stays safe & doesn’t rip as you’re trying to get it on your face.

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask

Another great thing is that the sheet mask has no scent to it, so perfect for those of you who are sensitive to fragrance in skincare.

The sheet mask texture felt a bit different than the others, it was more porous (if that’s the right word) and held the essence pretty well, meaning at the end of 20 minutes when I removed the sheet mask, it still had a LOT of essence in it.

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Texture
MOND’SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Texture

There’s not too much essence leftover in the packet after you’ve applied the mask and neither does the essence drip everywhere….it is pretty thick in consistency.

Lastly & most importantly, it really did feel like my skin was moisturised, brightened and lifted…I could honestly feel the difference in my skin.

MOND'SUB Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask

Now moving on to what I didn’t quite like about this mask:

Like I’ve said before, my biggest complaint with this brand (so far) is that the eye & mouth slits are tiny! (see in the image above)

I really wish the eye & mouth holes were wider & bigger, because if you’re someone like me with big eyes, the sheet mask will poke you & feel uncomfortable.

Having said that, I usually always lay down, shut my eyes & relax for 20 minutes, so not a deal breaker. But if you really get bugged with something like that, I would suggest just cut them out bigger with scissors before applying.

The second not-so-great thing with this mask was that once I removed it, the essence leftover after patting my skin felt sticky. I have acne-prone skin & so anything sticky or tacky sitting on my skin really worries me. Needless to say, I washed my face after half an hour.

For those wondering if it broke me out- no it did not 🙂

Rating– 4/5


Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would.

If you’re looking for a hydrating and firming sheet mask, grab this one!


Thanks to Wespro Corporation & Hair4Real, I have a 20% discount code for anyone who wishes to try their sheet masks.

Simply go to their WEBSITE or contact them directly to place an order. The 20% discount coupon code & contact details are mentioned below:

Coupon Code – ANKITA20

Contact number :
 022 24 4724 05    022 24 4724 09


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Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask Review


They say ‘Love the skin you’re in’….

… I say ‘Love‘ your skin first and you’re bound to fall in love with it…make sense???

Today I’d like to share with you my second experience with a brand of sheet masks called Purederm…but before I get into the details of that, here’s a little about the brand itself.

Purederm Skin Solutions claim – “Now you can get Korean professional-level treatments from the comfort of your home. Purederm products are some the highest quality imported skincare treatments. And these will cost you quite a bit less than your usual beauty products.

For pure and perfect skin, choose Purederm. You can rely on Purederm’s innovative range of patches and masks to clarify and perfect your appearance. Purederm has a range of Anti-Wrinkle, Age Defying and Spot Reducing products for the skin.”

Purederm has quite a few different varieties of facial sheet masks and the ones I choose are from their Skin Recovery range. Here’s a look at the variety I bought:

Purederm Skin Recovery Sheet Masks

Purederm Skin Recovery Sheet Masks
Purederm (L to R) – Age Defying Collagen Mask, Firming Lift Coenzyme Q10 Mask, Green Tea Collagen Mask

Today I’ll talk about the Age Defying Collagen Mask from Purederm.

Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask

This came in a pack of 4 for Rs. 580/- …not bad when you read what the brand claims it will do!

“Blended with collagen, vitamin E, green tea extracts and tropical fruits to nourish your skin. Provides intense hydration to help reduce facial lines and signs of ageing. All-natural pulp cloth retains moisture helping pores to fully absorb Purederm’s beneficial ingredients. Effective for replenishing and nourishing.”

Purederm Skin Recovery Age Defying Collagen Mask
Purederm Skin Recovery Age Defying Collagen Mask


What it promises:

•Restore moisture & elasticity

•Diminish signs of ageing

•Clear complexion & make skin more youthful

Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask
Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask Ingredients & How to Use


Aqua (water), glycerin, acacia Senegal extract, hydroxyethylcellulose,betaglucan, phyto collagen, hydrogenated castor oil, allantoin, camellia sinensis extract, mulberry root extract, alanine,proline, glycine, sorbitol, arginine, glutamic acid, panthenol, arbutin, cabbage rose water, papaya fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, parfum.


Does it deliver? My thoughts?

Well, errrr….almost.

I’ll explain right from the beginning. It was a pain to rip the packet open and for a moment I thought I was accidentally going to rip the mask in my attempts to open the ‘bottle’ shaped packaging. (*thumbs down*)

Once I did manage to get to the mask I noticed right away that there wasn’t a lot of essence in the packet, be that in the actual sheet mask or the essence leftover in the packaging.

With my last sheet mask (Mond’sub Facial Sheet Mask), the mask was drenched in essence & I still had at least a tablespoon worth (if not more) of leftover essence in the packaging. Sadly, that was not the case with Purederm! 😦

The good part though with the Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask was the fit.

Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask
Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask Fit & Texture

As you can see the mask has slits so that the sheet mask can really sit on your skin & let it absorb all the goodness from the essence.

The texture is somewhat like Tissue papery …thick and not easy to tear.

Purederm Age Defying Collagen Mask

The eyeholes were nice and wide, plus they have flaps so if you’d like to cover your eyelids while laying down, you can! (*thumbs up*)

Once on the skin, the mask sits well, but then again, within 5-8 minutes I felt that it started to dry out, which obviously means it is not rich in essence. (*another thumbs down*)

If we talk about the ‘feel’ of the essence itself, it is clear and has a very very faint fragrance (not bothersome whatsoever). My skin looked moisturised, hydrated and glowy, plus it din’t feel sticky or tacky at all once I removed the mask. (*BIG thumbs up*)

Rating- 2.5/5

I would have LOVED this mask if there was more product in the sheet, but oh well, not too bad after all. I will be using the ones left from this pack and also hope that the other 2 from this range will perhaps do better than this one….shall keep you posted… watch this space for more details!


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Much Love