We are finally on Instagram!

  A very warm hug to all my lovely people ❤ It's been forever that I've wanted to have an Instagram account for this blog, but we never got around to creating one....until now! We're finally on Instagram, so please check us out @ beautyandthebeing_ofc and we'd love if you would support us by following... Continue Reading →


  Lead me from death to life... From falsehood to truth... Lead me from despair to hope... From fear to trust... Lead me from hate to love... From war to peace... Let peace fill our hearts, Our world, our universe.

Finding Peace…Within and Around

  'The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.' -Anonymous   So last night we were chilling in bed, curled up and looking through pictures from our recent trips together... reminiscing the glorious moments that we will forever cherish...when one particular trip took us back to that... Continue Reading →

THANK YOU for 200!!!

  Hello Lovely People,     We at beautyandthebeing just hit our 200 subs and are soooooo excited and Thankful to you all!   Karan and I feel inexplicable happiness every time we see a new member join in to our blog and your love, the comments and the likes is what keeps us going....trust... Continue Reading →

What is love?

  Is it an all encompassing emotion that leaves you wondering breathlessly about what comes next? Or does love liberate you and make you feel extraordinary? Does it make you lose your sense of self so you can be 'one' with the other? Or does it make you feel more aware of who you really... Continue Reading →

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