My Top 5 Fragrances

  "I never face the day without perfume." - Elizabeth Taylor Well, hello there! ... I couldn't have thought of a better way to begin this short, but sweet post 🙂 I've been a lover of perfume for years now, but my love for fragrances has remarkably grown in this last year. I do believe... Continue Reading →

Mond’sub Facial Sheet Mask Review

One of the biggest trends right now are Facial Sheet Masks...also called the lazy girl's facial aka best friend! It's not just the celebrities who are posting selfies after selfies of their faces adorned with sheet masks, it's every other girl....and there is a very good reason as to why this trend has caught up... Continue Reading →

Shoe Haul!

Well...that should explain this post and the ones to follow ;P As promised, here's all the VAPH shoes I tried recently...gorgeous gorgeous shoes! ❤         VAPH Vanessa (Bordeaux) Loafers:     VAPH Gabby (Yellow) Loafers:   VAPH Gabby (Turquoise) Loafers:   VAPH Isabelle Champagne Royal Loafers:   VAPH Gabby (Black) Loafers:  ... Continue Reading →

VAPH Shoes : Sneak Peek!

  "Timeless and Modern. Reputable and Rad. Crafty and Creative."... That's how VAPH describes what they stand for and boy are they right! A while ago I came across this brand on an online shopping site and took my chances by ordering a pair of leather shoes from them just to try out (shopaholic issues!) and... Continue Reading →

We are finally on Instagram!

  A very warm hug to all my lovely people ❤ It's been forever that I've wanted to have an Instagram account for this blog, but we never got around to creating one....until now! We're finally on Instagram, so please check us out @ beautyandthebeing_ofc and we'd love if you would support us by following... Continue Reading →


  Lead me from death to life... From falsehood to truth... Lead me from despair to hope... From fear to trust... Lead me from hate to love... From war to peace... Let peace fill our hearts, Our world, our universe.

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