Bride-guide to picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses!


Bride Holding Flower Bouquet

Your wedding day is the day when a new journey… a new story begins… the day when you walk into a life for two…a day when you promise to love each other for all that you are, all that you’ve ever been and for all that you’re yet to become 🙂

What makes this special day even more special is the love and support of your near and dear ones- of friends and family….so why not make it as special a day for them as it is for you!?

Without doubt, this is YOUR day to shine in the perfect wedding dress, however, you do want your bridesmaids to be happy and look beautiful too!

My best buddy recently tied the knot and trust me when I say this – the easiest way to disappoint your best buddies is by inviting them to a bridal party & then turning them into horrid fashion victims!

As a bride, you need to know a few basic rules – take the time to think about your maids too.. don’t just dress your bridesmaids in something they won’t like or love at all just because you wish to look prettier compared to them and want to be in the limelight –  (you will be no matter what you do) & most definitely don’t dress your friends in silhouettes or fabrics that make them look heavy or frumpish.

Strapless Sleeveless Floor-length Long Fuchsia Bridesmaid Dress

The basic rule is to stick with simple dresses. Go for universally flattering silhouettes like the A line. Another great tip is to keep it minimalistic and avoid any OTT embellishments or details that can add to the cost as well as add unwanted bulk to the dresses.

Remember, the ultimate goal here is to choose dresses that will compliment not only your wedding dress, but also the overall theme & style of the wedding. Your friends are looking forward to standing by your side in dresses that they’ll be able to wear more than once, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Another great way to mix things up is by offering ideas for a change-up for looks after the wedding… by simply creating a new look by adding a few extra accessories! To do that, look for a style that will easily transition from being celebration-ready to daytime chic by adding something as simple as  a pair of sunglasses, colourful shoes and a scarf 🙂

A-line Strapless Knee-length Brown Chiffon Cocktail/Bridesmaid Dress

Yet another way to make sure your maids are happy and end up with a dress they love is to choose a fabric & colour and then let them decide a style that will best suit their frame…. you see, the colour is what will make this group look cohesive in this case, irrespective of the chosen styles. Or, you could do the exact opposite, simply pick a style and then let your friends pick a colour they prefer. In this case, it’s the silhouette that will make your maids look put together.

Strapless Sleeveless Tea-length Bridesmaid Dress

An easy way to pick colours is to zero-in on shades that look great on a variety of skin tones. Usually cool tones are a hit…be that light turquoise or dark navy, blue tones will flatter fair as well as dark skin. Another major crowd pleaser is Purple. If you’re daring & bold, try fun, vibrant shades such as Violet and Plum for that extra wow factor.

Sweetheart Sleeveless Short/Mini Dark Navy Bridesmaid Dress

Once you’re done finalising the shape and  colour, it’s time to focus on accessories to pull the look together. Shoes, jewellery, pins and  belts will dress up any simple style. But again, don’t forget to give each dress & bridesmaid a dose of individuality 🙂

To find the latest trends for bridesmaid dresses & gowns, click here!


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