The Girl that Stole my Heart!

Hello and welcome back gorgeous people 🙂

I’m so sorry that we’ve been MIA for the last month and couldn’t post anything….but we’re back now and I’d like to introduce a lil’ girl to you today….one that recently stole my heart!!!

World, meet Muffin(toes) …. Muffin(toes), meet the World!

did you just say get off the bed?
Did you just say get off the bed?


I was baby-sitting her for a friend for a couple of days and she is such a TREAT to be around!!!

OMG, she’s the cutest pup I’ve ever laid my eyes on and all she does is cuddle and snuggle ❤

Here’s more of her yummy-ness…. i hope this brings a smile to your face!

So warm and cozy…. Zzzzzzz comfy!
ahhhh…so comfy!
i loooove to sleep!
i loooove to sleep…
I love this pillowwwww
…specially on this pillowwwww!
Ain’t I Yummy!?


happy place
Happy Place!


Kisses to you all from Miss Toes and Me xoxo!


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