Dubai DIY 6 Days Itinerary


Dubai is one of our favourite holiday destination, we can come back again and again and it still seems to amaze us every single time. Every time we come here we feel we  haven’t explored it all and on top of that there are always billboards and advertisings about what’s opening next in Dubai. For instance, this time around we noticed that soon there will be a Dubai Opera and Dubai Safari. Good enough reason to return back, isn’t it? I say Absolutely!

Umm Suqeim Beach
Umm Suqeim Beach


Dubai has the widest variety of touristy offerings and we love how it has adopted the new and has still kept its culture intact…so a traveller can experience the charm of both worlds.

Here’s a DIY 6 days itinerary which we followed … hope it would help you guys to plan your own personalised, customised itinerary.


Day 1

Though it’s a very short flight from India and you could plan a bit of action on your arrival day itself, but do keep in mind that the immigration would consume minimum of an hour of your time. Another thing to bear in mind is that you’ll probably spend time at Duty free, since you won’t find no pints of beer in departmental stores here in Dubai, so it’s best if you pick some from duty free. Do check out the rates and country wise allowances here.

Dubai Duty free
Dubai Duty free

Another bit of task which you can complete here at the airport is to buy yourself a tourist SIM card, and my suggestion would be to choose DU mobile’s Visitor Mobile Line, worked just fine for us.


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11 thoughts on “Dubai DIY 6 Days Itinerary

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  1. Ah! I’ve been once and i would love to go again! It’s just a bit too hot for me, but it looks amazing and now that i’m older i’m sure i’d enjoy more!
    love your blog! love meeting and connecting with my fellow desi’s out here! 🙂

  2. Ahhh Im taken back to my holiday in Dec 2009 🙂 What a funnn nonstop entertaining place Dubai is! Cant wait to go back again sometime soon 🙂 Love your post and yes what did you shop? 🙂

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