Yulin: My Thoughts

I’m so glad more and more of us are talking & writing about going ‘cruelty-free’…about stopping animal abuse in every possible way and that’s why I felt the need to encourage posts such as this – Avril you’ve done a great job at bringing up this issue and I hope that people al across the world understand that it is NOT and never will be ‘ok’ to hurt an animal that cannot speak for itself…which is all the more reason that WE ‘MUST’ speak for them and do everything that is in our power to protect them.
I hope with all my heart that this post reaches as many people as possible and that it educates them and encourages them to make better choices and decisions.

Mirror The Love

Please Note: This post does NOT contain upsetting images.

If you’ve picked up any paper, read any online news sources or clicked on the tv, you’ve probably heard about the Yulin dog meat festival in China this month, and the uproar it is causing around the world. I want to keep this post short and concise, particularly as this topic upsets me hugely and I don’t want to spend too long thinking about it.

The Yulin festival causes me great upset. As a dog owner and lover, I can’t even begin to comprehend engaging in this tradition. BUT.

Yes, my friends, I have a but…

I have never sought to belittle, disrespect or upset anybody by posting about cruelty-free cosmetics or by stating my complete aversion to animal tested products. If what I am about to say upsets you, I do apologise and feel free to unfollow me.

When you…

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