Day Trips from Krakow – Part I

Ogrodzieniec Zamek

  Zamek in Polish means a castle. Ogrodzienic Castle is about an hour and half ride away from Krakow. We had the privilege to actually take a private cab to the place; alternatively one may chose to opt for public transport which I believe takes more time and requires more than one change. Another option is to book through who operate a three castle tour which apparently is top rated. Here’s the link for the same:

Polish Castles Day Trip from Krakow

    Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland   Ogrodzieniec Castle is a medieval castle dating back to 14th century and is said to be a haunted site and that a mysterious monstrous black dog can be seen here at nights.   Stories apart, it’s a great ruin of a castle, takes you back in time and sets your mind to ponder how it would have looked like in medieval times. The views from the castle are stunning and it seems to be a top pick for film/music video makers. There was a production crew shooting an unofficial version of Pharrel William’s Happy whilee I was visiting :).   Inside the castle there is a small museum if you are interested in its history, there are a few souvenir shops as well.   All in all if you are in Krakow this place is not be missed, even if you are not a history geek you could still enjoy the spectacular landscape and enjoy great photo ops 🙂   Cheers! Karan


5 thoughts on “Day Trips from Krakow – Part I

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  1. I’ve been to Kraków for eight days in the summer of 2012 but missed Ogrodzieniec and have to admit that I had never heard of it. Thank you very much for this article! Your photos are VERY well taken!

  2. @hapsek thanks so much for the comment, really appreciate it. Ogrodzieniec is one of the little less heard of gems in Poland, I also didn’t stumble upon it in my research, it was only after a local’s recommendation I went there and found it to be absolutely stunning. If you ever return to Krakow you got to visit Ogrodzienic :).

    1. I was deeply touched by the beauty and the spirit of this city and would love to see it again and to visit Ogrodzieniec Castle. But travelling is very difficult for me because of my animals. I am looking forward to seeing part II of your report.

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