Wanna Get ‘Naked 2’ by Urban Decay…?


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I hope this year’s started off on a positive note for all of you 🙂


So this year I’ve promised myself that I’ll be more constant with my blogging & I’ll strive to share as much as I possibly can, to the best I can, with you guys. Having said that, let’s jump right into the Urban Decay ‘NAKED’ run and catch up with the Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay!


wanna get naked 2 by urban decay
Wanna Get ‘Naked 2’ ….?


*If you haven’t read the first part of this series, click here to go to part I of the series – the “Let’s Get ‘Naked’ by Urban Decay“*


The newer version of our dear beloved ‘Naked’… Naked 2 is an even sexier addition to the Naked line by UD. This eyeshadow palette looks a lot different from the original & to be honest I have all good things to say about it…so let’s see!


naked 2 ud palette
Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay


As you can see, right off you’ll be able to tell that Urban Decay has put a lot of thought into working on the packaging of this palette, coz’ it looks nothing like the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. The brownish velvet case has been replaced with a very sexy & sleek, yet super sturdy, almost art-school inspired tin case/box.


naked 2 palette
Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette


The magnetic closure was ditched on this one (i’m glad!) & instead you get the desired hinged lid making the palette contents more safe & secure, especially while travelling. You also get a full sized mirror inside this beauty which makes eyeshadow application a hundred times faster & easier.


naked 2 close up
Naked 2 Palette- Packaging



Coming onto the shades, the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette is more of a neutral eyeshadow palette with taupe neutrals. You get the same amount of shades in the pallet, which is 12, out of which 3 shades are matte & 9 are satin/shimmer shades. There are 5 new shades that are exclusive to the palette, namely Tease,  Bootycall, Snakebite, Busted & Pistol. The only colour that has been repeated in this palette from the original Naked palette is ‘Half Baked’.


naked 2 palette.
Naked 2 Shades


Here’s a closer look at the palette:


naked 2 palette ud
Naked2 Palette Shade Range


naked 2 eyeshadow palette close up
Naked 2 Palette Swatches on my Hand



Another thing that blew my mind with the Naked 2 palette was that the matte shades (namely foxy, tease & blackout) are quite pigmented as compared to the Naked palette matte shades….tease being my favourite.


naked 2 palette
Close up- Naked 2 Palette Shades



With the shimmery shades, the quality & texture once again is beautiful & easy to work with. One tip for using these shimmery shades is to spray your eyeshadow brush with some fix plus or eyedrops and then go into the colour & pack on lid to give it that extra pop.


naked 2
Shade Break-up




naked 2 eyeshadow palette
Naked 2 Eyeshadow Swatches



My final favourite thing with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette is that UD included a double-ended eyeshadow brush with this one & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


naked 2 brush
Naked 2 Palette Eyeshadow Brush


Before I end this post & my rambling, I’d like to address a few questions that I feel you might have in your mind right now…



I own the original Naked Palette, should I still buy the Naked 2 Palette? 

I’d say it depends on your preferences. Firstly, if you love taupe neutrals, have the budget & want to try out a couple of NEW, EXCLUSIVE eyeshadow shades from Urban Decay, go ahead & buy it. If not, I won’t recommend it…the Naked palette is very versatile in my opinion 🙂



I don’t have the original Naked Palette, which one should I buy?

Once again, you’ll have to see what suits YOU best. If you ask me, both these eyeshadow palettes are beautiful & extremely wearable, be that for the day time or that perfect night time look. You can sheer out the colours depending on how much you pack on & how you blend…on the other hand you can also go really dramatic & all-out by using a mixing medium with the shimmer shades to give that extra oomph to your look.


Having said that, if you’re someone who is looking for something more sturdy & travel-friendly, opt for the Naked 2 Palette as the metal case packaging is more full-proof. Also, the double ended eyeshadow brush is definitely an added bonus! Another thing that makes the naked 2 palette nicer for me is that it gives me that matte, true-black eyeshadow (namely blackout), which makes the palette ideal for creating a smokey eye!


I hope this ‘Naked’ run part 2 of the series has been a success & it’s helped you a little in case you’re wondering which naked palette you’d like to invest in.


Let me know your thoughts on the Naked palette & Naked 2 eyeshadow palette if you happen to own them & what are your favourite colours!


Until next time…


Much Love from the palette-junkie! XOXO





4 thoughts on “Wanna Get ‘Naked 2’ by Urban Decay…?

  1. Great post, girl! I love how you’ve gone into the details of the palettes and given comparisons, as well as some tips on getting application right. I personally like the Naked 2 more; I feel these shades are a little more workable for me.

    And I love the fact you answered questions forming in my mind even before I had a chance to put them into words! Thanks a ton for all your efforts. Great job 👍

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