The saving grace for an ‘OOPS’ moment!

Lately my week days go past running around for interviews and my weekend revolves around shopping sprees and trips to the nearest gaming zone to relax and chill. Just yesterday, my husband and I headed out for a fun day with our buddies, all pumped up to win every game we tried our hands on, but what happened 15 minutes into the trip was an absolute disaster….my prettiest and most loved stilettoes decided to break! I’ve never really come face to face with such a malfunction, but this tiny slip was pretty embarrassing and I believe that just like me, none of you would in your right mind ever like to experience a similar situation. Even though walking around, barefoot, all over the mall wasn’t the highlight of my day…my brand new pair of pink shoes was! 😉


That being said, I know that people face such disasters in their everyday life, if not worse…and often missing buttons and broken bra straps occur out of nowhere just when you’re running to a meeting or an interview or worse even, when you are in the middle of a date! All I have to say is don’t let it bother you and don’t look for places to hide; instead avoid a malfunction by following these basic tips:


Carry a small ‘saving grace’ kit with you at all times in your bag or drawer or the glove compartment in your car. Here’s a sneak peek into what a kit should ideally have:


The Essentials!



Safety Pins

Pin it!

This will help in keeping things together in case a waistband button or dress strap pops or comes unstitched.So don’t freak out…just Pin It girl! ;P



Garment Tape

Stick it!

This will help you with anything & everything literally! Be that to hold up a fallen pant hem or to hide that gap in your shirt in ‘you know where!’. Go ahead and save yourself from taking that nasty spill! Tape that is double-sided comes in handy when you want to fix a missing button as it tapes the sides of a shirt together without showing any skin or your bra.


Button Pins

B for Buttons! ❤

Can we take a moment & just talk about how cute these are…like OMG! Haha!

These can be easily slipped into a buttonhole and helps you temporarily skip a thread and needle routine. Try a fast fix button; it truly is a life saver.


Blotting Cloth and Seltzer

Soak it up!


These help you in pre-treating small spills quickly so it doesn’t become a permanent stain. Just remember these 2 things- first, act as quick as you can…and second, blot & blot & blot to soak up as much as you can.


Quick-dry Glue

Mighty Strong!

 To avoid an embarrassing situation like mine, always carry a tube of quick dry glue in your kit. Stick the sole or heel back on in a minute and walk to the nearest cobbler or the most inviting shoe store!



Color them!

Helps to fix scuffed shoes. Now you needn’t be embarrassed of still wanting to wear your old but favourite pair of boots or pumps.


Paper clip/Key ring

Put a ring on it!

Great for fixing broken bra straps. Just tie the straps end on the paperclip and then hook its other end to the loop (metal) at the bra’s base. Paper clips can also really save you on a bad hair day! Use it as a bobby pin or barrette for creating an awesome emergency hairdo or simply pin back your unruly bangs.



Whoops! Balance…balance..balance!

Helps to fix your exposed stiletto in case your heels are missing their rubber/plastic covering at the base. Insert the heel in an eraser and avoid a nasty slip.


Masking Tape or Stapler

Watch the finger!

So imagine this…the hem of your skirt or pants has come undone and there are no pins…what do you do? It’s simple; just use a stapler to hem the skirt/pant to the desired length. A gentler, kinder way to fix a hem is a masking tape, though it does not hold the weight of the garment as well as a staple. A piece of advice…watch your fingers!



Zip it!

A saver when it comes to stubborn zippers. If your zip is stuck, don’t bother to struggle with it, instead colour over it using wooden pencil, as that will lubricate the zipper’s track and you’ll be able to easily slide your zip up and down. Now isn’t that genius!?


Extra Items

Hidden gems!

Moleskins prevent blisters; a clear nail enamel stops runs in a stocking; a static remover gets rid of a static cling straightaway; seam rippers help remove annoying tags…must I go on!?




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