Figure Flattery: Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid’s Gown



One of the most important day in a woman’s life is her wedding day…a day when she is surrounded by those who love her, surrounded by family and friends, with her sisters and friends by her side. The bridesmaids surely make it a beautiful day, a day that is special and filled with love and joy.


As we all know, it is the bride’s duty to pick dresses for her special girls’! Now we’ve all heard of catastrophic bridesmaids outfit stories, so I’m writing this figure flattery guide for all those stepping into the wedding season so that they and their brigade of special girls’ can look chic & beautiful!


Bridesmaid dresses are available at department stores, dress retailers & now even online on websites like If you’re opting for the last option, then here’s your guide for finding a gown with the best fit and silhouette for your frame & body shape:



The Hourglass Figure




The hips and shoulders are quite proportionate in this case and your biggest asset is your beautifully defined waist. Almost all silhouettes will suit you, but the best way to show off your curves is to wear a sheath, ball gown or mermaid dress. Go for streamlined silhouettes that are slim head to toe or a structured bodice with full skirt or a body-con dress or if you wish to exuberate feminity then pick a floor-length dress with a flare and curvy fit.



The Triangle or Pear Shape




Women with pear shaped bodies are curvy and their thighs and hips are fuller than the rest of their body. A-line dresses, empire waistlines and ball gowns create the most flattering curves for you!



The Inverted Triangle Shape




Women with this body shape have broad shoulders and narrower waist & hips. The best way to balance out a broad-shouldered body/frame is to wear a short length gown, a trumpet or mermaid style dress or a simple ball gown.


Shopping for that perfect dress is no painless feat; on one hand brick & mortar outfitters will often have a limited selection & high price tag; on the other hand a custom dress retailer will require time for designing, conceptualizing, producing & altering. The best option in my opinion is to go for online shopping websites that are reasonably priced. What’s more, it’s a great excuse for gathering the girls and opening a champagne bottle while you search through umpteen choices! Best of luck girls!




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