Top 10 wedding dress trends

Your wedding day is undeniably the most beautiful and special day of your life and as the bride, you will definitely not accept anything that is less than ‘Perfect’! If you were to ask me what my #1 priority would be as a bride, I would say my wedding dress, for I will make no compromises what so ever and I bet neither will you!

This article is dedicated to all the to-be brides for the year 2013 as we focus here on the coolest and the most gorgeous top 10 trends for wedding dresses this year. Here’s hoping that you will pick on these trends and look nothing short of a Goddess!

This year, blush shades, tea-length, illusion necklines, lace sleeves (all thanks to the drop dead gorgeous Duchess!), the slit, off- shoulder, the classic little white colored dress, the dress that says ‘not-so-wedding-like’, the beautiful feather look, the high and low hemlines as well as the short dresses are taking the wedding world by storm.

Here are our top 10 picks for this year….I hope it will appeal to every bride-to-be:

  • Blush Shades

The most sort after hue this season for brides is none other than B-L-U-S-H! It speaks volumes of elegance, adds a feminine touch and offers every bride something different. If you are looking for something in a shade of white that is conservative and traditional at the same time, pick blush.

  • Lace Sleeves

Thanks to one of the most beautiful and well-dressed woman in the world today, Kate Middleton, the lace sleeves have come back with a bang! If you wish to look lady-like, if your dream is to look like a princess, then don’t forget to add a touch of lace this year to your wedding dress.

  • Little White Colored Dress

Bridal gowns that go all the way down till your toes aren’t for everyone….so in case you are looking for something less dramatic, go for a short dress at the wedding. What’s great is that unlike the olden-day bride, you’ll be able to wear this dress over and over again for various occasions.

  • Tea-Length Dresses

A bride in a tea-length dress looks cute, perfect and kitsch, hinting that her heart is set in the decades that have gone by. The 1950’s style and trend is back this year and looks beautiful, yet playful. Don’t forget to add a dash of color with a pair of gorgeous shoes. 

  • Feather Look

If you talk of femininity, then feather is undeniably the epitome! Feathers will sway; they will float and flirt as you move. So be certain that you will be one bride that the guests will not be able to forget for a long time…a very, very long time!

  • The Off-Shoulder Dress

Traditional, yet modern, this style promises to flatter almost every body type. If you feel that your shoulders are a strength area, bare it all- look sexy, feminine and stylish as you have a ball of a time with your bridesmaids!

  • The Slit

Is there anything sexier than a slit now!? No way! Wear the slit gracefully with a dress that fits tight and know at all times that all eyes will be on you and you alone.

  • The High and Low Hemline

This year will be seeing a lot of wedding dresses that will be shorter in length in the front, longer at the back. This style not only adds a touch of drama to your outfit, it also lets you feel the romance of a gown!

  • Dress That Is Not So ‘Wedding-Like’

If you aren’t the sort of person who likes to fuss over a wedding dress and prefers comfort over all other things, then opt for a trouser suit, short dress, hat, pant suit or maybe even a long dress.  

  • The Illusion Neckline

This trend has been dominant on the bridal runway this year. It allows you the added coverage over the strapless look. Designers all over the world are also throwing in a touch of embellishment at the neckline which makes it look graceful, soft, and definitely more glamorous.


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