The devils behind vaginitis

Have you ever felt a stinging or uncomfortable irritation and itching in your vagina and the close by area, i.e. the vulva? If yes, do not panic or be embarrassed of the situation. The itching may perhaps cause a yearning to scratch the inflated area, but it is recommended that you refrain from doing so. Roughly all women go through vaginal itching at various points in their life, but it is something you can deal with if you follow some simple steps.

There are various causes for vaginal itching:

Substance irritants

For instance detergents, feminine sprays, fabric softeners, bathing soaps, ointments, contraceptive foams/ jellies, creams and douches, they all cause irritation if applied too close to the skin.


The plummet in estrogen sources reduction of the vaginal fence and lesser lubrication, which causes the area around the vagina to become dry and sometimes even inflamed.


It may augment vaginal burning and make you further vulnerable to infections.

Vaginal yeast infections

These often include an expulsion that is curd-like and white in color. Vaginal yeast infection can occur due to antibiotics, pregnancy, birth control pills, menstruation, sexual intercourse, condom use, a weak immunity system and even diabetes.


Inflammation, discharge, itching and odor sourced by supplementary infections (including any sexually transmitted disease) may cause this problem. Vaginitis in young girls prior to puberty is ordinary. If the young girl gets a sexually conveyed vaginal infection, a case of sexual abuse ought to be thought-out and addressed.

Other likely, but lesser common causes of vaginal itching comprise:

  • A certain skin condition that affects the vulvar skin, one of which is perhaps precancerous.
  • Pinworms which is a parasitic infectivity that mainly affects children.


It is recommended that you inform your doctor straight away if you are experiencing vaginal itching alongside by brutal pelvic or lower abdomen pain along with fever.

Simple ways in which you can prevent or treat vaginal itching:

  • Avoid perfumed or colored toilet paper and bubble baths.
  • Avoid female douches and hygiene sprays.
  • Change wet clothing; especially exercise outfits and bathing suits.
  • Washing the area by washing and wiping front to back i.e. vagina to the anus after you have had a bowel movement or urinated.
  • Maintain your genital area dry and clean. Use basic, unscented soaps.
  • Maintain blood sugar in good control in case you are diabetic.
  • Shed weight in case you’re overweight.
  • Put on cotton panties. Avoid undergarments made from any synthetic material. For baby’s and kid’s, change the diapers often.
  • Avoid heat, excess sweating and overexertion.
  • Stay away from scratching, as it will only worsen the trouble.
  • Put on hold any sexual activity till the time your symptoms become better, or apply a lubricant while intercourse.
  • Use a condom to steer clear of catching or scattering any sexually transmitted disease (STD).

You need to understand that vaginal itching is extremely common in women but it is something that should not be brushed under the carpet. You can follow simple steps to avoid a vaginal itch and if it still lingers on, we recommend you consult a doctor a follow a routine medication to free yourself of the pain. Stay safe and keep healthy!


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