How to deal with menopause without drugs

Menopause is that phase in life that most women dread. While some face symptoms barely noticeable, many others face symptoms that threaten to disrupt their everyday lives. As a woman gets older, menopause takes place naturally as it is the biological process wherein your body stops being fertile and menstruating permanently. This process has side effects that are both emotional and physical in nature, ranging from vaginal dryness, irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, greater abdominal fat and thinning hair to name a few. Image

To get symptom respite from menopause, you can try a number of things- an alternative therapy, a prescription hormonal therapy or an over the counter remedy, but the best way to tackle menopause and the symptoms is by making some very basic changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few things that will help you to feel better.

Eat Smart-

Start by making some small alterations in your diet. Menopause is known to result in bone loss, so it is a must that you increase intake of calcium. Start eating food that is rich in Imagecalcium, like green vegetables, milk, fish and cheese. Food that is rich in D Vitamin will help in absorbing calcium from your diet, so try and have fortified cereals, eggs, tuna, cheese and salmon. There are certain things you must watch out for and food that you should avoid eating when you are going through the menopause phase. These trigger foods include caffeine, alcohol and spicy entrees as they trigger symptoms.

Take Out Time to Relax-

Menopause symptoms tend to worsen if you are under stress. So it is advised that you do relaxation exercises everyday to keep stress levels down. Focusing on breathing is a start to that process and a series of deep breathing exercises helps you to relax the mind and body, releasing stress. Mentally visualizing that you are in a place that is serene and calm will further help you relax. Try lighting candles and putting on soft music.


A regular workout can do wonders, no matter what age you are. If you can’t join the gym, simply go for a walk every day. Working out at home is becoming increasingly popular these days, watch a video on how to do some simple exercises at home or take the stairs instead of the lift. Exercising helps to lower bouts of mood swings and also helps reduce headaches, which in turn will help you sleep better at night. Your exercise routine should Imageideally be a mixture of basic stretching exercises, weight training and aerobics. Start with a 10 minute warm up, followed by aerobics for 30 minutes and then end the session with weight training for 20 minutes.

Sleep Better-

Menopausal woman complain that they find it difficult to fall asleep. It is advised that you skip your afternoon sleep during the day and steer clear of trigger food items, such as alcohol and caffeine before bedtime. Reading a book is a great substitute to watching TV and it also aids in sleeping. If hot flashes are the reason to feel restless, try dressing in layers.

Natural Supplements –Image

Hot flashes can be tackled by increasing your intake of soy supplements and vitamin E. Black cohosh as a supplement can be put in tea to reduce incidence of hot flashes. Honey helps to improve bone density, prevents the uterine atrophy as well as weight gain during menopause. It is also said that consuming egg yolk helps in preserving bone mass during menopause.

Menopause is no doubt a tumultuous time in the life of a woman, but you can get through it by taking care of your body and mind. Keep yourself hydrated at all times, make sure you take all essential nutrients, eat fresh foods, fish, beans, yogurt and cut down on sugared beverages and soda.


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